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Marie Kondo And The Magic Of Housekeeping In 9 Steps

#Marie Kondo how to organize the home - 9 types


Marie Kondo And The Magic Of Housekeeping In 9 Steps

The Japanese Marie Kondo became a success thanks to his book on how to organize the home

Marie Kondo: “I organize , therefore I am”. The Japanese House of Magic – The Japanese Art of Placing Order in Your Home and in Your Life. “The real life begins after putting your house in order,” he says.

The organization’s guru has been able to sell millions of copies of his book around the world with statements like these: “When you experience what it is to have a truly organized home, you will feel like your whole world will be enlightened;” “Arrange your house, but also arrange your affairs and your past. As a result you will be able to see clearly what you really need.” For her this is very clear, perhaps because when the other girls played jump rope, she spent hours enchanted with decoration magazines.

#Marie Kondo book - The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

#Marie Kondo book – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

On the other side of the wall, however, the questions accumulate: Was not it commonplace that disorder stimulates creativity? Order is a priority for humans, as seems to indicate the flurry of articles and manuals on the market? And, above all, is the total order of the house and of life not an unattainable utopia?

“The skills you build when you learn to tidy up your home can influence the other parts of your life in many positive ways,” Marie Kondo tells Verne by e-mail. “Our lives are very complicated, and problems often come from different directions at the same time, as one-half to two feet. To do this, for most people it is simpler to start a new thing than simply focus on doing one thing in the right way. The result is a lack of organization. ”

Regarding the creativity that supposedly arises from the chaos, (let’s think of Einstein’s famous and crowded table), the author recommends keeping a space in the house or office where to store things that inspire and help achieve results. “But these objects should be in the special area where they are easily found, and if they inspire happiness, they must be visible in the house.”

Marie Kondo has become a culturally author in the United States, with Facebook groups in which fans share tricks and photos of clean drawers and use her name as a synonym for tidying up, such as “I’m going to knock out my t-shirts.” His manifesto relies on many garbage baskets to throw away the discarded objects and tricks we will show below:

#That s what your drawers should look like according to Marie Kondo.

#That s what your drawers should look like according to Marie Kondo.

Marie Kondo tip 1  – First, discard

It all comes down to two tasks: eliminating things and deciding where to store them. “It’s only two tasks, but elimination must come first. Finish the first task before you start the next one,” Marie Kondo writes. And what is the criterion for deciding what to discard? That’s the next question.

Marie Kondo tip 2 – Does it bring happiness?

This is the main point of Marie Kondo’s philosophy: to discard everything that does not bring us joy. “I believe that we should surround ourselves with only what brings us happiness, for some people there will be many things, for others only a handful,” says the author. “The key is working to identify what truly produces happiness, and for most people, it’s not easy, but it’s the best way to make sure we live with what satisfies us, and just how much.”

Marie Kondo tip 3 – Arrange by category and not by places

Rather than tidying up room by room, Marie Kondo recommends focusing on one category. For example, clothing (which in turn has subcategories like sports and shoes), books and papers. In this case, the order of factors changes the product. Start with the clothes, continue with the books and papers and various objects, and end with those of sentimental value. “If you reduce your possessions in that order, your work will flow with surprising ease,” he says. “By starting with the easy things and leaving the hardest to the end you can gradually improve your decision-making skills, and you will end up finding the service simple.”

Attention: Do you wear clothes that you do not like at home, or are you old enough to wear on the street, like worn blouses? Error. “It does not feel right to keep clothes that we do not like to walk around the house, the time we spend at home is a precious part of life, its value should not change because no one is watching us.”

Marie Kondo tip 4 – Do it at once

#For Kondo it is important to organize things by types rather than by place. Photo by Natsuno Ichigo

#For Kondo it is important to organize things by types rather than by place. Photo by Natsuno Ichigo

“Some believe that this is a process that never ends, and that we need to do it every day,” says Marie Kondo. His method is extreme: the purge must be done at once, in one stroke, to “drastically change the mentality.” There is no stack of dubious objects; nothing is left for later. Just the opposite of what other experts usually recommend, who believe in getting into the habit of doing it a little at a time. “If you organize a little a day, it will never end,” says Marie Kondo.

Marie Kondo tip 5 – Treat things as if they were (almost) people

“Never, ever make a ball with your socks,” he writes in his book. “They suffer a lot in their daily work. The time they spend in their drawer is their only chance to rest.” In the Kondonian universe, things are alive, or almost. “I do not believe that there should be competition in our hearts between things and people. If we value the objects that matter to us, and treat them well, they will not only last longer and they will give us more pleasure, we can learn even to be kinder and more generous to people. ”

Marie Kondo tip 6 – Use empty shoe boxes

Unlike other gurus in the organization, who recommend using an army of storage products, Marie Kondo believes they are a trap, since they solve the problem only superficially. You do not have to buy tabs or anything like that. “You can solve your storage problems with things you already have at home. The most common object I use is empty shoe boxes.”

#The washcloth organized the Kondo way. Photo by Natsuno Ichigo

#The washcloth organized the Kondo way. Photo by Natsuno Ichigo

Marie Kondo tip 7 – Season clothing

The custom of packing season clothes, says Marie Kondo, is obsolete, since with air conditioning in the summer and central heating in the winter the houses and offices are less exposed to the outside climate. “It’s time to abandon this custom and have all our clothes ready to be used year-round no matter the season.”

Marie Kondo tip 8 – Do not let your family see

“I especially recommend to my clients that they avoid being seen by their parents and family members.” Parents are very distressed when they see what children are discarding. The volume of things can make parents anxiously wonder if their children can survive. remain, “Marie Kondo writes. And what about clothes that go from mother to daughter? Your answer is no.

Marie Kondo tip 9 – What to do when you can not rule something out

For example, her grandmother’s tea-bags, which she carried with her change of change and which, so ugly, never dared to use them. The dress that enchanted you, but that now, after being a mother, does not look so good. “When you find something you can not rule out carefully think about the true purpose in your life.It will be a surprise to see the amount of things you have that have already fulfilled your function.When recognizing your contribution and letting go with gratitude, you will be able to place truly in order the things that he has and all his life. ”

#When you clean your clothes forget the seasons in the office in the shop and on the subway the temperature is the same. Photo by Natsuno Ichigo

#When you clean your clothes forget the seasons in the office in the shop and on the subway the temperature is the same. Photo by Natsuno Ichigo


Marie Kondo is on the Netflix

Tidy guru Marie Kondo comes to the rescue by helping people tackle the clutter that’s holding them back. It all comes down to one question: does it spark joy? Tidying Up with Marie Kondo it was launched globally on Netflix January 1st, 2019. Watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix.:

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo


For millions of people, Marie Kondo became the great prophet of the twenty-first century for teaching us to do something that, in theory, we should all know without instructions: keeping our house in order. This Japanese personal organizer ensures not only the formula to achieve the goal, but also promises that if we apply your method, called KonMari, we will be much happier and curb our consumerist desires. Minimalism will set us free.

There must be some truth in his promise if we consider the scope of a phenomenon that began a few years ago and has not stopped growing: his books (The Housekeeping Magic – The Japanese Art of Placing Order in His House and His Life and That Me Traz Alegria) surpass seven million copies sold, have been translated into more than 40 languages ​​and are on the best-selling lists of the decade around the world. Time Magazine has included Marie Kondo on her list of the 100 most influential people on the planet, and the mesmerizing videos in which she organizes drawers and t-shirts tuck millions of hits. Created an app for iOS devices, which this year will be released for Android. And it has become fashionable a profession, that of professional organizers, with great demand in several countries. In 2018, the KonMari fever will also hit Netflix.

#Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

#Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Currently, Marie Kondo is recording the eight episodes that will be part of the first season of her reality show. In the style of Dog Whisperer, the specialist will train, in the discipline of order, the residents of several homes that are overflowing in the Los Angeles area, according to the announcement that Marie Kondo herself made on the Instagram.

His method is based on a single question: “Does that make me happy”? If the answer is affirmative, we will keep that object in our life. Otherwise we will either have to donate it or throw it away. If a simple and effective strategy redefines our way of relating to material, can we apply it to other types of non-material disorganization such as career or relationships? As the businesswoman herself writes in a column for The New York Times, the answer is yes. You just have to know how.

Tokimeku. The central concept of all the work of the guru is a Japanese word meaning “that which brings joy”. “Understanding and accepting Tokimeku in a messy and disorganized world will enable us to clarify our ideals and help us gain confidence in our ability to lead a productive life and develop a sense of responsibility toward those around us,” he writes in his article for the New York newspaper.

#Tidying Up with Marie Kondo - Netflix

#Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – Netflix

Constancy in the method. If you apply the KonMari method to organize your home, “over time your ability to identify what is worth keeping will spread to other areas. Constantly evaluating whether your belongings spark joy will allow you to perfect your judgment.”

No patches. “There is only one way to escape from the negative spiral of disorganization: efficiently organizing everything at once, as quickly as possible, to create a perfect, clutter-free environment,” he explains in The Housekeeping Magic. This recommendation is also valid for work or relationships. It is, once again, not to procrastinate.

Views. Also in the book, Marie Kondo suggests, “Start by identifying your goal. Take the time to think about it carefully, which implies visualizing your ideal lifestyle.” Although in his book he refers to the cleaning of the home, words are extrapolated because, according to the guru, the organization is a dialogue that a person has with himself, and the meaning of “what brings joy” depends on each one.

Everything in sight. “Before you begin to decide what makes you happy, you first have to truly know the problems you face,” says the author. The first step of the KonMari cleaning method is to put everything in one place and in view, everything we want to organize, be it all our clothes or all our obligations. Writing a list of everything we have to do in our work is a great idea to have a global vision. According to Marie Kondo, all his clients are surprised by the amount of objects they have. She attributes this to the fact that we hide the clutter in the closets, just as we hide our emotions. “Every time my mind gets confused and I feel overwhelmed, I immediately get a notebook. I write all the emotions I feel and the possible reasons behind them on a blank page,” says in The New York Times.

#Marie Kondo how to organize the home

#Marie Kondo how to organize the home

Concrete solutions. Once we have identified the problems, we have to write down specific solutions. “For each problem, assign a concrete action such as” contact and consult a professional “or” respond immediately with an email. “These actions should be as clear and specific as possible. organization is to resolve the state of disorder and prevent its repetition, “he says. When we finish this list, you only need to “quietly perform those tasks”. Marie Kondo has a to-do list on his agenda. “Every time I finish a task, I’m ‘ticking’ to the side. As I complete the assignments one by one, I feel a cheerful feeling of lightness.

Sort by categories. One of the novelties about organization suggested by Marie Kondo is his advice not to organize by rooms, but by categories: first clothes, then books and various objects and end up with sentimental value belongings. According to the author, no one better than you to establish these categories at work, but it would be possible to group the outstanding emails and phone calls in a limited time interval; schedule all meetings on the same day; devote only one afternoon a week to preparing reports …

To discard. If we talk about material objects, the KonMari method takes its followers to get rid of more than half of their belongings, after verifying that they do not bring happiness. To apply it in work and in life is to eliminate people and obligations that do not make us happy; we are surrounded only by those who bring us happiness.

Gratitude. Before we say goodbye to someone or someone, Marie Kondo advises to thank in silence for the service they have given us. In the office, that might mean saying no to an event, but thank you for being invited.

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Marie Kondo And The Magic Of Housekeeping In 9 Steps
Marie Kondo And The Magic Of Housekeeping In 9 Steps 1

The Japanese Marie Kondo became a success thanks to his book on how to organize the home Marie Kondo: "I organize , therefore I am". The Japanese House of

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