Again South Park is nominated for an Emmy Award and this year competes in two categories.

South Park
South Park

In the category Best Animated episode with “19×04 – You’re Not Yelping” competes against Archer, Bob’s Burgers, Phineas and Ferb Last Day of Summer and The Simpsons.

And for the first time for Best Dubbing and already with two nominations, South Park comes with Trey Parker in “19×01 – Stunning and Brave” with PC Main characters and Cartman and Matt Stone in “19×06 – Tweek x Craig” with the characters Tweek, Craig, and Craig’s father.

Competitors in this category are Seth MacFarlane – Family Guy, Keegan-Michael Key – SuperMansion and Chris Pine – SuperMansion.

The ceremony will take place on September 18, presented by Jimmy Kimmel. Lucky for them!


During the conference Ubisoft at E3 2016, the creators of South Park took the stage to present the first gameplay of South Park: The Whole Fratured But, according to game RPG inspired by the animated series of adult humor.

South Park: The Whole Fratured But you assume the role of a make-believe superhero that will help boys Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman to save the world from a threat. The game’s combat system has evolved considerably since The Stick of Truth, and now you can move the scene during combat.

Besides the gameplay, it was also revealed a new trailer of the game, showing the dramas and motivations of our heroes:

Cartman is determined to convert The Coon and his friends in the largest franchise super heroes of all time.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole will be released on December 6 for PC, Xbox One ePlayStation 4. Who makes the game pre-purchase will receive a free copy of Stick of Truth.