What type of government would a settlement on Mars?

If NASA, SpaceX  or anyone was to form a settlement of 1000+ individuals on Mars with one-way tickets, how would it be governed? A military option does not seem sustainable for very long. For the mission with many different experts, a sort of cast system would certainly be required, but how would it handle mistakes, crimes, errors, crisis? Once settled and growing, would it expect to run as a democracy?


According to the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 [1] , ratified by 103 countries [2] [3] :
  • The Moon and other celestial bodies belong to mankind, not any country in particular.
  • Every State is free to explore and access celestial bodies, on the basis of equality.
  • Sovereignty can’t be claimed by any nation over celestial bodies by any means.
  • The activities and use of outer space have to be in accordance to international law.
  • The following is forbidden: nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, establishment of military bases, testing of weapons, military maneuves.
  • Private activity requires authorization and supervision by the respective State.

Thus it is clear to us all that most countries agreed peaceful space exploration. The city ruled by military forces is unlikely, even if the country withdrew from the Treaty. Everything else is debatable.

Sources: [1] UN Show Treaty | [2] UN Outer Space Treaty | [3] Wikimedia Outer Space Treaty


In “Mars Trilogy” written in 1993 by Kim Stanley Robinson, the first colonial voyage to Mars would be in 2026

In times of Obama2030 SpaceX and the “Triology Mars” reading is almost mandatory, the escrior highlights several points of view and situations that may be experienced in reality.

Kim Stanley Robinson seems to have made a journey through time, because his work portrays fully current dilemmas and will possibly be experienced soon.

Two extreme views are discussed in “Red Mars – Colonization”:

1. It is humanity’s obligation to spread life in the universe

2. Humanity has no right to change entire planets to their will

Mars Trilogy" Kim Stanley Robinson

The epic “Mars Trilogy” Kim Stanley Robinson should reach the screens in 2017, reports Variety. With the first volume published in great critical acclaim and massive sales in 1993, the three books – Mars Red, Green Mars (1994) and
Blue Mars (1996) – have been rumored to be making the transition: the rights have already been held by director James Cameron.


“Obama wants to go to Mars by the 2030s “

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