Comfort Zone – things that no one ever told you

People talk about their fear of leaving the “comfort zone” as if they were talking about a psychologically large place, airy and welcoming. But when describing what they see as the comfort zone seems more like an emotional prison. In this prison the person reform, puts perfume, enhances music and simulates an amazing landscape, but it’s still a tight psychological space, uncomfortable, unhappy and without horizons. What she calls the Comfort is a way to avoid the problems.


Interestingly the prison doors are open and unhindered for escape and still remains there complaining all about. Because of an attachment to family disgrace she prefers to step back and remain cloistered. The only advantage of the area of “comfort” is known to be a long time, nothing more, no control exists there.

In the comfort zone the person feels constant fear, lack of brightness in the eyes, decreased perspective of life and chronic dissatisfaction. Even the joy that is the dream of a life without problems.

“Comfort” is far from comfortable, as if she has not a material good or win it, and if you already own fears losing.
The output that people intend is to maneuver just a little to the side of the prison so that not completely lose the “comfort” and control. They want to feel a little less of despair, sadness or anxiety, but never question what part of their personality produce that state of mind disturbing.
It is the attachment to know that dwelleth comfortable prison. For fear of letting go of bad jobs, hateful loving relationship and the median life a person remains finding the right nicer than the dubious and known better than new.
The detail is that every time someone dares risk the prisoner applauds wonder, promises that will do the same, but in practice follows the same way. Deep down you know that when dared risk had the natural consequences of a change, but did not regret. Even though in the beginning it had been lost and uneasy sense time has shown that the new scenario was actually more spacious.
All who dare to change if penitenciam for not having done it before, “as I tolerated so long that cubicle?”.


The sense of familiarity of the comfort zone is the only area that has about the games that made from small. The trick to complain and fight often worked even if only out fires.

Accusing and fleeing the responsibility seemed to delay the inevitable discomfort, but never solved anything really. These games superficially work out, but they are only palliative for an impending terminal illness.

Happiness is the unknown territory par excellence. No warranty, immediate refreshment, plus more effort demands that suffering. To suffer just stand still and passive, reacting as always, since happiness requires constant movement and the ability to withstand a great deal of uncertainty.

The lack of happiness comfort is because the surprise is a key element of well-being. Ignore and accept with open heart the constant mutability of life requires you a distress who can not control the will of others.
Happiness is like a game of musical chairs where the day begins and ends in one way of another, more like a backpacked the world than the choking of a public office.

Strangely 9 out of 10 people say they dream of doing many trips around the world. But even a trip home as soon as the plane leaves the ground and already want to know when will pose in that hotel room, where the suitcase, where to visit and spend whole trip afflicted the next step, unable to flow naturally. Wishing to travel the world carrying their grids under the arm and dragging every need control over everything.
So when you say that is stuck in your comfort zone remember you’re talking about a pretty miserable comfort and not the comfort of a fuller life and true freedom. The choice to leave or stay in it, is solely yours.