It is very common, people discouraged with the academy, losing their encouragement and the will to train. So they end up skipping workouts or doing it grudgingly, and of course, the work ends up being zero.

Thinking about it, separated 5 attitudes to increase their performance in the gym.

Come check it out!

Pre-workout nutrition


What you eat before going to the gym, greatly influences its performance at the time of training. Choose foods that help bring energy to your body to increase blood glucose levels and thus empower you to train without feeling fatigue early. So, invest in complex carbohydrates, such as: fruits, sweet potatoes, rice, granola, flax, bread, etc.

phone pulls away


There is no point getting training hours and hours in the gym, and stop every five minutes to look at the phone, get chatting, taking photos, etc. We need to focus on what you are doing and pause only times that your coach asks or is recommended. My tip is to leave the cell phone at home or in the closet, to have no danger of falling into temptation.

Set goals


Before starting the week, put on paper what are their training, how long you will, you will train and day and what time you go to the gym. With an established routine, it is easier to commit and you do not want to skip a training day.

Good music


Listening to music is essential in training, it animates and distracts 100%. The trick is to assemble a playlist animated mega without low mood music to not get discouraged and leave for training.

Sleep at least 8 hours a day


It is during sleep that our body recovers from everyday stress and also regenerates muscles and neurôneos, a good night’s sleep is linked directly to our health. Capriche the mattress, pillow and silence, a warm bath and a cup of natural tea collaborate for a peaceful night’s sleep.

These attitudes are simple and easy to practice. Just follow straight-laced and not be discouraged never.

Remember: small habit changes amount to great achievements! Having focus is essential.

Good training!